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Train for climbing anywhere!  Programs tailored to you and what you need. Bring purpose to your gym sessions, and learn how to train for climbing even when at home with no equipment!

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Find your inner heights

Performance, Mindset and Movement training from coaches that have been on the journey to become strong, well rounded climbers!

We offer holistic training, helping you gain the strength and technique you need to send those hard projects, while not neglecting your movement and mindset. We'll take you on the journey to identify your weaknesses and make you a truly brilliant climber, strong in the mind and the body.

We don't treat any two clients the same, as everybody needs something a little bit different, so we offer personalised, bespoke programs to help you become a genuinely great climber!

Get Stronger. Anywhere.

For the gym, the home or a combination of the two. We work with what you have available and tailor programs to you as an individual.

Ways to train

Choose from our selection of offerings to help you reach that next level in your climbing career.

Face to face coaching

Face to face coaching

All of our sessions are bespoke in nature, as we don't believe that any two climbers are the same. Maybe you're physically strong but can feel your head is holding you back... Maybe you're technically proficient but just struggle to gain that super strength needed for your projects... We'll work with you to profile you as a climber and come up with bespoke sessions to help you get to where you want to be!

Online coaching


For the home, the gym or the crag - Through video profiling and regular calls we'll build you bespoke training programs and mentor you to become the best climber that you can be. Online Coaching can comprise of anything from helping with your mindset to giving you the programs you need work on your individual weaknesses, ever adapting to your progress and aspirations. As always, we'll cater to you as an individual rather than give you pre-made programs, ensuring you get exactly what you need to achieve your goals!

Fear and flow

Fear and flow workshops

So many climbers are held back by their mind when climbing outdoors, over processing every movement and over gripping on each hold. Our workshops give climbers a variety of techniques to truly be in the moment when climbing, feeling comfortable and confident while pushing their limits! We're available to deliver workshops at climbing festivals and other climbing events, focused on mind management, managing fear, efficient and correct movement on rock and finding flow.

Meet your coach.

Coach Luke has dedicated his life to climbing and climbing coaching, being immersed in the sport for many years and having climbed all over the world. From deep water solo to bouldering to sport climbing, he's a well rounded climber with a broad skill set, and an insatiable appetite to continue to grow and improve.

In 2015, Coach Luke had a devastating accident that resulted in doctors telling him that he'd never walk properly, let alone climb again. After several years of recovery and perseverance he went on to climb harder than he ever had before. Luke uses what he's learnt from this experience to help people learn to try hard, to persevere and to not let their preconceived expectations hold them back. With a genuine love for climbing, he helps clients build a healthy passion for their sport, working with them on everything from their strength to their biomechanics to their pre-climbing routines to their mindset and their movement.

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